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Continuing support to
Tambopata Macaw Project
Dr. Donald Brightsmith, Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center Texas A&M University
Continuing support to studies on
Psittacine Intelligence and Communication
Dr. Irene Pepperberg
The Alex Foundation and  Harvard University
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"Wild Parrots --
Keep Them Flying!"
"Working for the future of parrots since 2002"
Bird Endowment "Nido Adoptivo" Program --
artificial nestboxes for blue-throated macaws in Bolivia.

Lear's Corn Replacement Project
Lymington Foundation, Brazil
Protection of Nesting Cavities from Bees

With help from grants from The Parrot Fund, Loro Parque Fundacion, and Susan Hilliard, Caroline Efstathion will work with South African conservationists and a US honey bee expert to apply the techniques she has developed over the past several years to protecting Cape Parrot nest cavities from infestation by bees.  In addition, they will teach local communities bee keeping and honey and wax extraction.  The work will take place on the Amorentia Estate, Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Continuing support for the
Anticipated continued support to:
Who knows what else might turn up
Buffon’s Central –  conservation breeding of Great Green (Buffon’s Macaw) in captivity